Beautiful Places To Travel Once COVID Ends

Beautiful Places To Travel Once COVID Ends

Now that vaccinations are releasing, there is hope for a COVID free summer. I think everyone is deserving of some escape time. To put those vacation days off into play, here are some locations to consider traveling to:

Sanotrini’s most attractive spot is Oia, known for their sunsets. It is a village with white washed houses, hotels with infinity pools, overlooks the caldera, and many places to eat. 

Lake Bled in Slovenia has an island known as Bled Island that is accessible by rowboat or pletna. This is definitely a trip for those who enjoy an adventure. 

In Sydney, they are well known for their animal attractions. The Taronga Zoo overlooks the Sydney Harbor and is also award winning with 4,000 rare and exotic animals. 

Bali’s Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall and the Sukawati Art Market are necessities while visiting. These locations give you a bit of culture appreciation and adventure twist. 

Tokyo has the most appreciated fashion trends. The Ginza and Kichijoji has the best known shopping experience and souvenirs. 


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