Best Notebooks Review

Best Notebooks Review

Issue 13. TITS OFF

So for any one that doesn’t know this- I’m obsessed with notebooks (and pens, stationary, books…). Time and time again, I get asked what’s your favorite one? So I decided to make a thorough list with pros and cons, because that’s how much of a dork I am 🤷‍♀️ Hope this helps you decide which one to purchase next!


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Pro: Best paper quality, lay flat open, comfortable writing size. I’ve gone through 3 in the last year and need to buy more. Cheap.

Con: Not a lot of pages, so I use it up quickly. For a thinker option they also have this one. I haven't tested this one yet so can’t confirm if the quality is amazing though.

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Pro: Great price point for a great note book. Paper quality is on point. Come in various colors and sizes. A lot of times they come in packs.

Con: Can feel a bit simple in design. Also thinner, so you will run out quickly (which is why I think they sell a lot of 3 packs)

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Pro: I think these are an upgrade to Moleskins. I have both the sketch book and ruled hard cover and I have them monogrammed. I use them for all of my TITOV work.

Con: The hardcover book can feel a bit heavy if you need to carry it around, but the soft cover option would solve this.


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Pro: Women run, based out of Canada. I like these because they have really specific sections that you can track your mood and stay organized. This may be a great option for your quarantine journals.

Con: Sometimes I wish it was a bit simpler, don’t love the beige color way.


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Pro: It’s this size of the September issue Vogue. It’s huge and has three separate sections. The first is plain sketch, the middle is a darker paper and gridded, the third is perforated so you can tear the pages out. When it’s just laying on a table it looks like a vintage book which I love. Cheap for the size/ quality of this book. Will be purchasing again when this one runs out.

Con: It’s heavy, not great for carrying around.


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Princeton Architectural G&G

HOLY HELL BUYING THIS ONE RIGHT NOW Princeton Architectural Guides & Grids

Pro: This is some other worldly notebook and every page is different and the attention to detail make me want to drool. Also cheap.

Con: That I don’t own this notebook (Update: I purchased it, will revert back with comments)


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Pro: Randomly found this one and kinda obsessed.

Con: Pricey.

  1. Ledger

Pro: Randomly found this one and kinda obsessed.

Con: Pricey.

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