Life's Too Short To Wear Boring Lingerie

One Of A Kind Lingerie
Life's Too Short To Wear Boring Lingerie


~Also Rhymes With Smirnoff~

Made for those who want something different. 

Small Batch. Limited Drops. 

Extended Sizes.

Personal Concierge Customer Services.

Don't you want something as unique as you are? 


Emily T. Customer

First wireless bra I have that actually fits me. I'm a 34F! Bonus- the straps actually stay on!

Marie P. Customer

TITOV wows me every time I receive lingerie from them. Classy, well-structured, beautifully made, well-fitting pieces!

Kelsey M. Customer

All of the materials are so comfortable it's like I'm not wearing a bra!

Di. V. Customer

Very happy with my purchase, and the personal concierge was magical!

Kate Z. Customer

Where have you been! Officially my favorite bra brand, I need everything...

Your boobs are unique, your bra should be too