Made To Order


We offer multiple bespoke options, because we know one size does not fit all. While we are living virtually we are able to make slight adjustments to orders as well as offer our One-Of-A-Kind Service. For this service choose one of our 4 distinct moods and we will create a unique bra or undie based on that mood. You will feel special knowing it’s the only one made just for you. Scroll down to learn more about our 4 moods to choose from ✨

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Expect in your face undergarments that will be difficult to want to hide. Our signature color is Neon Yellow, so there’s always a good chance you’ll see some of that.

Think black, think staying up till morning, think texture, think about your encounters, think leather, think about the one, think about room service. Think the perfect lingerie for that perfect night out.



No one does fun & quirky quite like TITOV does. Expect the unexpected, knowing it will still be the most comfortable bra you own.

Picture you were born as a fairy living on an island off the Mediterranean. You smell of lavender and drink tea all day long. This style will be like a breath of fresh air.

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