How Do You Pick The Best Bra For You?

How Do You Pick The Best Bra For You?

I think we have all questioned if we are wearing the correct bra that accentuates our bodies and fits us correctly. It is important to wear the correct bra size and bra type. This will lead us to allow our clothes fit properly and feel most comfortable on a daily basis. 

From our experts at TITOV and Bustle magazine, we can help you understand how to choose the correct bra. We offer virtual fittings with a specialist to determine your bra size, answer questions about our lingerie, or learn about our custom bra services. 

Perfect fitting bra

Things to look out for when trying a bra is how it overall feels. Is it comfortable? Supportive enough? Look good? Let’s start with the band. You band should not squeeze you, poke, or be lying diagonally. For the cup, it should fully cover your breast. Lastly, consider different types of bras other than a contour bra. Based on the structure of your breast, different bra designs could compliment you more.


Wearing a bra all day should not feel like a chore. While we get ready in the mornings, we should look forward to putting on undergarments that make us comfortable and confident. Adding some spice to our day is another way to add motivation.