No. 1 The Pre-Game

No. 1 The Pre-Game

It's date night and I'm feeling like a goddess. I've got this, baby. But first, let's start with the basics. Time to get rid of the winter fur. I grab my trusty razor and get to work, taking my sweet time to make sure everything is silky smooth. Next, I hop in the shower and lather up with my favorite vanilla-scented body wash.

Once out of the shower, it's time to start the real work. I pour myself a martini to make it more festive. My hair is a wild mane, but with a little heat and hairspray, I can tame it into something sexy and tousled. I decide on a smoky eye and bold lip combo, because why the hell not? I'm feeling daring tonight.

Now, the most important decision of the night: lingerie. Do I go for the sexy sheer black bra and panty set or the playful neon one? I ultimately decide on the sheer black , because it's my favorite one. As if he's going to see them anyway! But who am I kidding? Of course, I have to wear the fancy underwear just in case 😉 Plus, it gives me a secret confidence boost knowing that I have something extra special on underneath my outfit.

Onto the outfit. I dig through my closet, tossing aside dress after dress until I find the perfect one. It's a little black dress that hugs my curves in all the right places. I slip it on and admire myself in the mirror. Damn, I look good.

I slip on my heels and give myself a final once-over before heading out the door. Confidence is key, baby. I'm ready for this date and I know I'm going to knock his socks off.

- anonymous