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“There used to be a time where looking stylish meant feeling uncomfortable, thankfully, this is rapidly changing and one of the brands helping to lead the way in women's fashion brand is TITOV.”

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“I kept feeling like I could be doing something better,” Titova said. So last June, she moved home to Massachusetts to launch Titov, a line of sexy yet supportive bralettes and underwear designed to fit larger sizes. Her line, which is manufactured in East Boston, is already gaining traction: It’s featured in the UnderClub monthly lingerie subscription box, and Titova held a Valentine’s Day pop-up shop this week in Rebecca Minkoff’s SoHo store.”

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LG: Did I see that your clothes are manufactured in East Boston?

MT: Yes! Our smaller runs are actually done in house mainly made to order, and our larger more core styles that we know we want to keep around are manufactured in East Boston.

LG: So who’s your target audience? How have you integrated feedback and desires from them?

MT: I would say it’s more so the 30+ age range. Because of the price point, I don’t think that the college-aged student would really want to splurge. I have come to realize that it’s usually anyone who’s really serious about finding a good bra. After years of not being able to find one that fits well, or is comfortable, that’s when they try mine on and they’re like, “Yes, we love it.” 

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“The most effective strategy has been listening to our customer. We realized a lot of the women who want to purchase our lingerie didn’t feel comfortable ordering online.

They would ask where they could find us in real life. After realizing this we decided to increase our pop ups schedule as well as thinking outside the box and offering at home visits.

We come prepared with their size in all styles and they treat it as a Sunday afternoon treat for trying on lingerie in the comfort of their own homes. This has boosted our word of mouth and created much stronger relationships! “

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“I am huge on skincare. I’ve figured out my perfect routine to keep my face clear and looking like I had more than four hours of sleep. I always use a moisturizer with SPF in the mornings and a night moisturizer, my favorites right now are Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer and Olay SPF15 Moisturizer. Twice a week I use Glossier’s Solution to keep acne at bay.

I rotate between retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to keep wrinkles away and for extra hydration. My makeup routine is very basic, I won’t leave the house without mascara and boy brow from Glossier. If I’m feeling extra I’ll add blush and a black eyeliner from Nars, and maybe a glitter shadow from Pat McGrath. “ 

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“Her lingerie brand, TITOV, specializes in detail oriented designs that come in 33 different sizes.” “A lot of intricacies go into making a bra, some manufactures would not deal with metal wires, they won’t deal with making more sizes than they’re used to. ”

Check out our founders interview with NBC 10 Boston, why brands don’t make more sizes, and how we found our solution to bring you your size!

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“The other best part? Her tagline is: "Made for you Things to Wear while Drinking Bubbly." Yes! So as you drink your bubbly tonight and/or cuddle up tomorrow and/or set off to have the best year ever next week - think about Masha and her gorgeous things...and add them to your literal support system!     In reality, any woman who has ever purchased a bra knows how hard it is to find one that fits. Masha has created a sustainable line of lingerie - that currently comes in 33 sizes! She is a Changemaker in the truest form.”

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I spent some time in Dough's Test Kitchen talking all things TITOV. So happy to be partnering with a company who's mission is to empower you to shop from woman-owned brands. We talk about sustainability and why we have a lime green tag on everything.

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“Why give them a gift card or candle when you can wrap up one of these gifts?”

Find Boston Magazines Holiday Gift Guide with amazing brands, all made in New England. Featuring out favorite Margot Set.

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“Designer Masha Titova looked over her clothing at ThreadTech, where eight Factory employees make patterns and samples and sew clothes for a handful of clients, like Masha. ”

To see the rare sneak peak of how our items made check out the amazing article in The Boston Globe.

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“For Titov, not only is realistic sizing important, but so is comfort and wearability. “I had rounds and rounds of wear testing. I found the perfect thread and the perfect elastics from Europe and Japan,” says Titov. “I made sure the metal pieces don’t tarnish, especially being so close to your skin.” She ensures her designs fit real people, “not just models.” Titov does fittings on a wide variety of bodies to ensure a wide range of options. There’s no “making a small size and trying to create a large one based off of that.” Handcrafted in Boston, Titov bras come in 33 specific sizes that fit into signature size categories ranging from 0 to 8. Panties come in high-rise and thong styles in sizes XS to XL.”

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“People who like books should never move-being an artist my collection has definitly built up over the years. In addition to my personal items, I moved my entire studio consisting of sewing machines, rolls of fabrics and piles of paper work, so you can imagine how hectic that was. Moving two spaces at once was a lot more challenging than I had expected, and I also learned that there us no better workout than carrying 50 LB boxes from room to room and down 7 flights of stairs to a uhual. So id anyone ever feels like they need a good work out, just move without a moving crew. ”

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“In the past, it’s been really hard for me to find a proper mask. Even if I did not have a plus-size body, I’d still have a massive melon. When searching for previous masks, I kept running into circumference issues with the sizing and their cheap construction. My handcrafted mask by Titov has been the perfect solution to broken or stretched out straps and it doesn’t leave my hair or skin a dented, broken out mess.”

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“Everything you need to cancel all of your plans and hang out with your loved one or with your dog and some wine! The Boyfriend sleep shirt has velvet printed flowers and is made out of the softest jersey. Comes with extra buttons, and our signature tag is located on the left arm cuff. Matching scrunchie, laundry pouch and silk sleep mask included. The perfect gift for yourself, but we guess you can give it to some one worthy too.”

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