Plan the Perfect Vacation to San Sebastian

Plan the Perfect Vacation to San Sebastian

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with the charming seaside town of San Sebastián, Spain. This pint-sized paradise packs a punch with its gorgeous beaches, delectable culinary delights, and vibrant culture. Imagine strolling along the historic Old Town, devouring plates of fresh seafood, and sipping on local cider as the sun sets over the Bay of Biscay. Trust us, once you've had a taste of San Sebastián, you'll be dreaming of your next trip back.

Our favorite human, Beth Kennedy, is an epic business strategist and muse of TITOV. We caught up with her to talk about her San Sebastian obsession and most recent trip. Here are Beth’s Favorite San Sebastian spots:


1. La Concha Beach: Watch the water sparkle from San Sebastian’s most beautiful beach.

2. La Perla: After a day at La Concha, grab a drink and watch the sun set over the water here.

3. Restaurante Casa 887: A bumping playlist and mouth-watering food, my friend Antonio is the chef/owner here absolutely crushing it.

4. Bar Nestor: When I go to Bar Nestor, I feel like a cavewoman. They only have 3 things on the menu: ribeye, tomato salad, and green peppers. Order them all and a bottle of wine for the best lunch of your life.

6. Gerald’s Bar: The menu here rotates daily and keeps you going again and again to try the new daily specials.

7. Atari: Snag a table outside and have a bustling cathedral as the casual backdrop to your after dinner G&Ts.

BONUS hidden gem: Urgulleko Polboriña is on San Sebastian’s Mount Urgull. A 10 minute hike up this hill and you find yourself at a cafe with coffee, wine, vermouth, etc etc and the sparkliest views.


A little more about me:
I’m Beth, a digital marketing strategist with a passion for growing emerging artists, artisans, organizations, and businesses to develop their online presence and achieve their business goals.
Over my career, I’ve worked with Michelin-starred restaurant groups, emerging artists, world-class museums, and Fortune 50 companies. Leveraging my own skills and experience, I work with teams on a diverse range of services to meet their needs.
Follow her work: @spiceeeegirl

Images curtesy of Beth Kennedy & @k.spokas 

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