Basics That You Need In Your Closet

Basics That You Need In Your Closet

Are you ever getting ready and you feel like you have NOTHING to wear? One of the reasons could be because you have more trendy pieces than basics. With owning basics, they are easy to dress down or up. You can accessorize with funky earrings, a colored purse, or patterned heels. 

WhoWhatWear, Glamour, and Vogue provides tips on more essential basics to own. Some of the most forgotten clothing pieces are a white button down, black pants, structured blazer, lingerie, and black suede shoes. A white button down can be layered with a blazer or sweater, black pants are universal, lingerie can boost confidence or make your clothes fit correctly, and suede shoes will create texture. The importance of these pieces is that they will never go out of style.

More essentials are straight jeans, bodysuits, ribbed tank top, black dress, everyday sunglasses, white sneakers, and a tote purse. From clothing to accessories, basics are needed all around. At any moments a trend will arise, but then could disappear the next day. Relying on our fundamental closet pieces will help us prepare outfits quicker and develop an eye for style.


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