Finally 2020 is Almost Over

Finally 2020 is Almost Over

Every year I sit down (more like crawl around) and make a super basic manifestation map for the new year. I put down things that may be in talks, random ideas or my biggest aspirations. I then fold it up and place it in a hidden spot and pull it out only in 12 months when I go to restart the process. Each year I’ve always had a huge chunk accomplished and sometimes more, except for this year. It’s wild to see how much was truly impacted by Covid-19, but even though this calendar says everything was canceled we were still able to find new ways to grow and make some boobs happy in the process.

Here’s to 2021 and having all of our hopes and goals accomplished when I pull the folded paper out again ✨

And a special thanks to all of our amazing clients for helping make this year a little less shity 🖤

Xx Masha

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