Self-Care Starts With Comfort

Self-Care Starts With Comfort

It’s Sunday, also known as the Sunday Scaries. Your eyebags are peaking through, acrylics outgrown, hair placed messily on the top of your head, and the last meal you ate was a bag of Cheez- Its. Paperwork is piled above your nose and all you want is to place your head on top and fall asleep.

I think we can all acknowledge the difficulties that work-life balance creates. When COVID erupted, there was a possibility that work could be easier from home. Now, there are two opposite situations faced. The work-aholics struggle to close their laptops and separate work and personal time. Contrasting individuals are distracted because their workplace setting motivates them. 

Many of us have or will be returning to the office soon. At one point we were forced to make ourselves accustomed to a way of living in COVID times. Going back to our old ways will create disruptions in our lives. Right now is the perfect opportunity for a new commitment to self-care. 

We all have our own unique ways that we enjoy treating ourselves. The benefits that arise with caring for ourselves lead us to steer a positive lifestyle. When I have a self-care night, I always wear something comfortable. Breathable undergarments are the best options for me to destress. The Margot Bralette and High Rise is one of the best bras and underwear for lounging. Did I mention the soft and sheer material? Next I would choose either the Niva Sleep Shirt or Sleeper’s Feathered-Trimmed Pajama Set. Fun at home comfort wear never hurt nobody.✨

Soft Niva Sleep shirt with details